My Commercial has finally hit the Interwebs!

Nothing is more exciting than when you see a project you loved doing come to life! I was recently lucky enough to be cast in an online commercial for the AllCal Calendar App! If you’re not using it, you should definitely check it out; it’s totally FREE! Don’t we all love FREE?? If you’re a convention goer like I am, you’ll probably start seeing AllCall around more often. They were the official app for Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con as well as DragCon here in Los Angeles; I may have an inside scoop about them being in talks with a handful of other big conventions coming to an area near you. Familiarize yourself now before you miss your favorite panel!

The set was amazing. Everyone was kind and supportive. It’s exactly what any actor could want!

And I felt like this scene was my life, not the missing plans, but really…who texts someone before noon on a weekend?!

Check out my commercial and let me know what you think!


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