San Diego Comic Con is OVER!!!

I did it! I made it through 5 days and 4 sleepless nights of the nerd-love fest that is San Diego Comic Con!!!!  If you have never been, all I can say is that it’s nothing like anything you’ve ever experienced ever before. Imagine if you were at a theme park that is jam packed to double capacity numbers, with 10x times the smell. It doesn’t sound great, but it’s worth every second. There were tons of panels, super cool exclusive merch (I made that Funko booth my bitch!), celebrities all over the place (I had wicked eye contact with Zachary Levi; that totally means we’re married now.) and they sometimes sneakily walk the floor just like us regular peons; you can almost alway find Seth Green running away from his event escorts.

This year (like my first year) I was there with my Nerdy Original YouTube Series “That Hashtag Show”. What is That Hashtag Show, you ask? Well, it’s a nerd news channel bringing you everything trending in geek pop culture. Sometimes, we even cause a stir with our leaked info. I am their Horror/Fantasy correspondent so you can see me reviewing movies, tv shows, interviewing super cool people and sometimes even giving you the latest in our weekly newsfeed. If you’re a huge fan of The Power Rangers or Cos-Play, we even have special channels dedicated to that as well! It’s a nerd smorgasbord!

This year, I got to interview the Writer/Director and Cast of the upcoming horror flick The Hive, chat with one of the designers of Weta Workshop , as well as some other amazing things. You’ll just have to watch and find out or feel free to check out my Instagram to see all the shenanigans I got up to this year!

Until next time!


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