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32a001_a98c4516ffa9473a951af3e6268b78e3Hi there! My name is Sarah. I’m an actress trying to make it in the big city of Los Angeles. That’s right, Hollywood! But that’s not everything about me. Having a life outside of that is super important in keeping your sanity in this crazy world, let alone this business. I decided to start a blog to share my acting journey, my thoughts about life and business, and to share the happiness that everyday life has to offer. So, lets get started!

It’s summer so that means it’s lull time in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to take break. Need new headshots? Get them. Been meaning to check out those Casting Director Workshops? Do it! It’s not as scary as you may think. You’ve been meaning to update your website? Start a blog? Ninja up that resume? Figure out your Target Agents/Managers? Get in that acting class, pottery class, language class, etc. that you’ve been meaning to try? This list can get longer and longer so why not just start right now? This is the best time for you to get you and your “product” together so you can start making those connections and kill it come episodic season! Or just keep you sane before the onslaught of crazy happens. This isn’t just me spouting things for my own amusement. I definitely need to take my own advice.

Even with all this work, don’t forget to take your own mental sanity moment. Figure out what gets your right brain ticking and do it! Our right brain shouldn’t be the red-headed stepchild. It’s just as important for you to engage as your left. For me, because apparently I’m an old-soul, crocheting my latest project (right now it’s a mermaid tail blanket) and binge watching my favorite shows on TV is what keeps me going. If you’re not sure what yours is, start a pintrest, color in a coloring book, or go for a long drive. Step away from the chaos of everyday life and enjoy.

Welp, I think that’s a decent start. Until next time!


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