Football Season and Fall TV Returns!!


Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is fantastic, if I drive out of the city I can see the leaves change, and all my allergins die off until next spring (aka my nose hates you season). We also have the return of Football (go 49ers!!) and the start of Fall TV’s Premieres.

I admit it. I am a TV Junkie. If you name a show I’ve most-likely seen it or am currently watching it. After making my list of this year’s shows I will be watching (yes, I have to make a list), I’ve added 10 new shows. How I find the time to watch this much TV I have no idea. That’s a lie…I just don’t sleep.

The new show I’m most excited for is Heroes Reborn!! I mean, it has Zachary Levi! There are other reasons…I loved Heroe’s when it first aired in 2006. “Save the Cheerleader, save the world” was the phrase everyone loved. Then we had the writers strike and sadly, like many other shows, it took a beating.

The shows I’m most excited for their return are Once Upon A Time, Grey’s Anatomy , and The Mindy Project. Once is just a fun, fantasy show that you can watch, be invested in fun characters, and not really have to think too hard about the plot. Grey’s, I’m a lifer. I’ve watched this show since it started and yes I was just as mad as the next person when (spoiler alert) Shonda chose to kill off Derek, but I’ve watched it for 11 Seasons and she’s killed all my favorite characters except for 2; I’m not stopping now. Mindy. If you’re not watching this show make sure you sign up for Hulu and dive in! I laugh out loud every time. The writing is spectacular and the actors are superb! Do yourself a favor and make sure you tune in!

I’m going to be doing some TV review round ups with That Hashtag Show so make sure to check those out to find out new shows you should be checking out or what shows are still worth your time. I’m looking at you American Horror Story: Hotel…don’t disppoint me…again.

Welp, I guess that’s all for now!

Until next time!


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