All I want is meat and a slice of toast!!!

32a001_99bf7b4e4d8143028cbf61a649aaf86dOne of the things I pride myself on is being a great friend. I tend to put other people’s needs ahead of my own, which is both a good and bad thing. The most recent, “Yes! I’m going to be an awesome friend to you” is when I elected  to be Vegan and Gluten Free for twenty-two days… Twenty… Two…. DAYS! All because my roommate/bestie asked me to. She knew if I was eating like normal (you know, the good stuff) she would fail miserably. Typically I can do virtually any diet as long as someone puts food in front of me. So that was our deal. She has to cook everything and maybe teach me as well. And hey, if I lose a couple pounds in the process it’s a win win right?

After 1 week I was feeling great, my friends were mentioning how refreshed I was looking, and the meals were actually super tasty. My thoughts were, “This is great! I could do this for a while. No problem!” Now it’s week two and all I do is dream of driving up the 5 to one of those dairy farms, slaughtering the cow, and cooking the best Bobby Flay inspired burger I can think of. I dream of Mongolian BBQ with piles of noodles, sushi, delicious carnitas street tacos with mounds of cheese from the truck around the corner from my apartment! I live in Los Angeles for goodness sake! They’re everywhere!!

But it’s okay. I can do this. Mind over matter right? I just have to remember when this is over I’ll be in Las Vegas celebrating my friend’s birthday and stuffing my face with buffet goodness…and probably being sick as a dog after, but man will it be worth it.

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